Finally, a reason to never drink Bud again

I’ll be honest up front.  I’ve never much liked the taste of Bud but I’d drink it on special occasions like Super Bowl.  Why?  Because I loved their Clydesdale ads and felt that any company that featured them can’t be all bad.

But now that they are putting the Clydesdales out to pasture, I no longer feel any need to drink their brew.   Apparently they’re doing it to appeal to a younger demographic and so will be using celebs like Jay-Z to reach the younger crowd.  Somehow I think the younger generation would rather drink a good craft beer over a Bud but maybe that’s just me projecting.

My advice to the execs at Bud would be to put the hundreds of millions you spend on advertising towards making better beer.  If you build it, they will come.

Either that or keep the Clydesdales in your advertising.   Bye bye Bud. Hello, to finally enjoying good beer during Super Bowl.

Jay-Z will never bring a tear to your eye like this.



Maybe age really is just a state of mind

As I get older. I hear lots of my peers quote sayings that are supposed to make us feel better about aging.  “You’re only as old as you feel.”   “70 is the new 50.” “Age is just a number.”

But it seems now that there may be something to the saying that “Age is just a state of mind.”  This is a good read from the New York Times on how experiments may perhaps prove the saying.