How old should you be before you retire?

You don’t really think I have an answer for that do you?  It’s one of those questions with as many answers as there are people.  But there are always journalists willing to take a shot at it so here’s another one from the Globe and Mail.  This one seems to feel there are fewer benefits to retiring earlier than later.  For most, the deciding factor is financial but there are some other reasons to consider.



Almost everyone I know who is retired, at some point had a thought of “unretiring.”  I found that surrounding myself with a group of people who had been there, thought about it but quickly forgot about it helped me get through my unretiring thoughts.

The WSJ blog has an article on William Bridges who has actually written a book about it called “ManagingTransitions” which I’m sure can help if you aren’t convinced that retiring is the right thing for you.  For me, it was a winter spent golfing, biking and swimming in California’s Coachella Valley that convinced me to stay retired.

5 things NOT to buy at Costco and Sam’s Club – Yahoo Finance

costco cardLike many retirees, I am always looking to buy basic necessities at a value price.  Let’s face it, Costco has become the gold standard when it comes to buying  in bulk to save money and the products are usually good value.  Plus, their return policy is as good as it gets.  But I have noticed lately that you need to pay attention to prices more than in the past and Yahoo points out a few items that may be better purchased elsewhere.

5 things NOT to buy at Costco and Sam’s Club – Yahoo Finance.